Friday, March 6, 2015

Five Loves on Friday!

Happy first Friday of MARCH, friends!!! What a nice ring that has to it! ;)  It's been a  l-o-n-g  week, filled with challenges, as well as some pretty sprinkle-worthy moments too!  I can't wait to share it all with you!  Let's dig right in...

1.  Date Night
First off, thank you for all of the sweet comments last Friday wishing me and my hubby a wonderful date night!  Here's how it went...

A half an hour before the girls were to leave for my parents' place we noticed a plumbing issue here. So, our date kicked off at Home Depot, followed by 2 long hours of Jason doing everything possible to fix the situation himself.  I lent my moral support while watching Hart of Dixie.  After doing all he could it became apparent that we'd need to call a professional plumber.  Already into weekend "emergency hours", we were put on a waiting list for the next available plumber.

We decided it'd do no good to spend our evening all upset.  Instead we grabbed Chinese takeout and settled in for a movie night at home.  To lighten the mood we chose Sharknado 2, one of those "it's so bad, it's funny" flicks. ;)  

Shortly after we fell asleep that night we got a call that a plumber was available.  A little over an hour later it was all taken care of. The plumber could have charged us extra for going into a second hour, but he didn't, which was so nice!  By no means was it a dream date night, but it did remind me of three things that I should never take for granted.  First, having running water and the ability to use the bathroom anytime needed is a huge blessing!  Secondly, having a husband who is willing to get his hands dirty and do everything within his power to take care of our family makes me feel like the most blessed girl on the planet!  Most importantly, God provides for all our needs.  My heart overflows with gratefulness! 

2.  Applejack Adorableness

While the girls were at my parents' house on Friday night, Little One and my mom headed to the sewing machine to spruce up Applejack's wardrobe.  The outfit they made came out super cute, and the memories they created in the process are priceless!  

3.  Just Me & My Girls

Jason had to travel out of town for business this week.  While the hubs was away, my girlies and I had a good ol' fashioned slumber party!  We made a pizza so huge that it barely fit in the oven, had a Disney marathon, and chatted for hours about anything and everything.  As much as I missed Jas, I soaked up that special "just us girls" time together! 

4.  Ice Cream Brunch

We also enjoyed a lit'l Ice Cream Brunch with the girls' favorite toppings, and a side of eclairs this week!  It was "sweet"! :)

5.  Show Your Disney Side app

This FREE app is too much fun! 

Me, a quirky princess? Never! ;)  
I really wanted to be a pirate, but I just looked way too happy in each picture I snapped.  Pirates are my favorite...I just can't pull off being one!   :)

Princess plays her favorite villain.

How hilarious is this pic of Little One as a Star Wars X-Wing Pilot?! She makes me smile! :)

Wanna explore your Disney Side too?  Get the app here!

Thanks for stopping by today, friends!  Have a fantastic weekend!  My hubby is back home now so I know I will!!! :D

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  1. Glad you were able to get your plumbing fixed! Your slumber party/ice cream brunch sounds like so much fun.

  2. Thanks for showing app. I'm getting it now.

  3. haha disney side, love it!! Such a fun app. I think pizza and ice cream is the perfect way to have mom and daughter time, yummy. Esp with added talking and Disney!
    I hate plumbing problems. Chris is like that though, he tries to DIY first. And my gosh he is persistent. I would have given up three attempts ago and he is still working at it. So that is really nice to have in the family haha =) Moral support is my fave kind too.

  4. YAYAY! That quote is so true! Today's special moments...tomorrow's memories. Bless it! xx

  5. I'm sorry to hear that your date night didn't go as planned, but glad you were able to make the best of it (and get your plumbing fixed!).

    I had some mommy/daughter time this week too! While part of me wishes Mila would stay little forever, I'm very much looking forward to fun slumber parties like you described! :)

  6. So we're ready for an upgrade on our cell phones later this month. We were prepared to turn in our Androids for iPhones before, but since seeing all the pics of the new Disney App, we're TOTALLY ready! Only 2.5 more weeks! lol!

  7. Ice cream brunch - yes please!! Looks like you had fun with your girls :) I'm sorry that your date night wasn't what you expected, but at least that Chinese food looks wonderful. That Disney Side app is fantastic, I need to download it. Have a great weekend!

  8. Your date night made me smile, I feel like that is what old love is all about. Making the best out of a situations and just cherishing the time together.

  9. Is that Orange Chicken?? Looks yummy. Glad you were able to get it fixed quickly. A little less than ideal but you did spend some good time together. The ice cream brunch sounds fabulous! Have a great weekend.

  10. Oh my goodness....We are downloading that app NOW!!
    Bummer for date night..but running water is just sooo amazing, I praise the Lord I was born in a place that has it!!

    ADORE that Applejack outfit!! My little one just squealed when she seen it!
    I wish my little one liked ice cream..she is all about the fro yo!

  11. Oh my gosh! You're Disney side pictures had me cracking up! I haven't downloaded it yet, but I guess I just have to now. lol
    Sorry to hear about the plumbing issues, but glad it was all taken care of.
    Wish I could have joined you for your girls' night of pizza & ice cream!
    P.S. I watch Hart of Dixie too! I'm not up to the current season but I love that show. :)

  12. Takeout and movies on the couch sometimes make the best date nights :) I'm so glad I found your blog through your comments on mine! Your family is so precious and I absolutely LOVED reading about your latest trip to Disney! A 17-day trip would be so much fun!

  13. Well I think you have just inspired our Saturday night "date." I can't not eat Chinese food now! Hope you are having a good Saturday!

  14. Ok, I have to try that app! And I'm thankful everything worked out with your date night/plumbing issue. When we were literally heading out the door for the hospital to have Kane, we noticed our air conditioner had went out. . .luckily it was fixed the next day right after I had Kane (we had kitties at home and it was the middle of summer). God always works things out. Oh, and Applejack is pretty stylish! They did an excellent jon.

    Thanks for linking up with us for H54F!

  15. Yay date night!! Too bad it didn't go as planned but it sounds like you guys made the best of it!! Also, you are the funnest momma ever! I love the slumber party and huge pizza idea! I need to do something like that with Mia! So fun!!

  16. Your date night story is pretty interesting. I feel like whenever something is planned something ALWAYS happens to interfere. I already told my boyfriend that next time we have a date night we are going to build a fort out of the couch and eat pizza like little children haha...I feel like those moments of spending time with each other even if it is at home is fun.

  17. I am glad you got your plumbing fixed. Several years ago we had to stay a night in a hotel due to a plumbing issue. Not fun. I love ice cream also but don't get toppings that often. M and M's are my favorite.

  18. I'm sorry that your date night didn't go as planned but at least your plumbing issues got fixed. I'm like you, we take so many things in life for granted when we really shouldn't. It sounds like you and the girls had a great time. Thanks so much for linking up to High Five For Friday!

  19. Sorry that your date night didn't quite work out the way you had wanted, but I love that you can totally see the silver lining in a less-than-fun situation! Also, that ice cream brunch is such a cute idea, I may have to steal it! :)

  20. I hate when things like that happen around the house! It seems like every date night we have we end up at Lowe's or Target!

  21. Love the slumber party idea with your girls! Such fun! Perfect night in.

  22. Ok so you like Hart of Dixie? I've been wanting to watch it on Netflix but don't know much about it. What are your thoughts on it?


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