Thursday, February 26, 2015

Disney Store Haul!

Who wants to peek inside my Tinkerbell lined boxes to check out the magical goodies I snagged during Disney Store's Friends & Family Sale?  I can't wait to share!!!

Disney Plates

We've been needing some new plates for a while now.  I've (obviously) wanted to add more Disney magic to our everyday lives too!  These plates made both happen!  They're regularly $99.95 for a set of 12 (which is a little steep for my budget).  I watched and waited for the right sort of discount to make them a reasonable purchase.  That 25% off code made it the perfect time to snatch them up!  Now I just need to whip up some Disney recipes!

Princess' Custom Made (by Mom) Gift Box!
I went with a mystery box theme for my family this Valentine's Day.  Little One got a Nerd Block Junior Girls box, and Jason received a Loot Crate and a Nerd Block Classic box.  I decided that I'd create a Disney box for Princess, choosing items I knew she had her eye on! Here's what she found inside...

Cinderella Nightshirt // She immediately declared this soft, comfy pj top to be her new favorite!

Cruella De Vil "Tsum Tsum" Plush // Who knew a Disney villain could be so cute?!  Can you spot her tiny red shoes? Adorableness!!

Beautifully Disney This Way, That Way Nail Polish // Her new mani is beautifully Disney indeed!

Minnie Mouse Lounge Pants

I absolutely LOVE Disney Store's lounge pants!  This is my third, and favorite, pair.  They're covered in hearts, Minnie, and even tie up with a pink bow.  I don't know how they could be more perfect!  Originally $19.95, these were marked down to $15.  My 25% off brought them all the way down to $11.25!  Deal!

Toy Story Tsum Tsums
("Tsum tsum" means "stack stack" in Japanese)

I know, I know, I'm a "grown up", but I can't resist the cuteness!!  These are just too sweet!  Disney keeps us all young-at-heart! :)  

The mini size tsum tsums are normally $4.95 each, but these Toy Story cuties were marked down to $2.99.  After the 25% off, the entire set (usually $44.55) was only $20.18!

Check out the sweet detailing on each...
I mean, really!  So stinkin' cute!


I can't share what's inside this box, yet! It's a Mother's Day gift for my mom to enjoy during our Disney trip together later this year. :)  You know I'll share later, so stick around to find out what's hidden inside this box of pixie dusted perfection!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a magical day, friends!

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  1. oooh can't beat Disney magic right to your door!! Love the pj top and lounge pants. I'd never heard of tsum tsums before.

  2. It's hard NOT to get excited when a Disney Store box shows up at one's door! The box alone is exciting at our house! :) Such MAGIC filled in that box for you and yours! Thanks for sharing the magic, as always! <3

  3. Oh my gosh, those lounge pants are awesome!! I was hoping they'd be for you and not one of your girls. I always go in stores and wish they made kids' clothes in my size, so I was very pleasantly surprised. I also love the Valentine's box you made for your daughter!

  4. Those tsum tsums are too cute!!!

  5. You know how I feel about those Tsums Tsums. And you know what's funny? I never even noticed Cruella's red shoes! lol It's always fun getting packages in the mail, but when they're Disney? Even better!

  6. LOVE it all!!!! We recently picked up a dalmatian tsum tsum..they are so so cute!! Growing up is for boring people, anway ;) Can't wait to see what's in the box and more excited to read your posts on the trip!!!


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