Friday, January 30, 2015

Five Loves on Friday!

Happiest of Friday wishes to you, friends!  Once again it's that glorious day, when the weekend is so close you can almost taste it! Before it arrives, I'm excited to share what's been going on in my lit'l corner of the world since we chatted this time last week!

1.  Girls' Day Out
My thoughtful husband scheduled to have our air ducts cleaned last Friday afternoon in hopes of helping his sneezy wife feel better.  While the pros were here doing their thing, I took Princess and Little One out for some fun!  We saw Paddington was super cute!  We kicked back in those big recliners, laughed our hearts out, and soaked up the time together!  Afterward, we hit up Taco Bell's Happier Hour for $1 frozen drinks and an inexpensive late lunch.  I tried and loved their Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Slider!  Their sliders are only a buck, so if you've got some pocket change, you may wanna sample one too! ;)

2.  DATE NIGHT x 2!

The girls stayed with my parents overnight last Friday, and had a sleepover with friends on Saturday (following the party I'll mention in #3 ;)), giving Jason and I some refreshing couple time!  We didn't do anything fancy, but it was so nice having 2 "just the two of us" nights!  Time to sit, chat, and just relax together was such a treat!  We also watched some movies, got some tasty takeout, and I may have worn pajamas for the majority of the weekend! *happy sigh*

3.  A {belated} Christmas celebration with friends who are more like chosen family!
Some dear family friends invited us out to their house for a belated Christmas dinner party on Saturday.  We could not have had more fun together!  A delicious meal, many laughs, and a fun gift exchange ...can nights get much better than that?!  

Here's a sample of some of the goodies thoughtfully chosen and generously given to Jason and I...

I'm in love with this wallet! Polka dots + pink + a special compartment for coupons = a reason to smile every time I open my purse!  Mickey & Minnie in mugs, be still my heart!  Ready to cheers with my Lovey over some hot chocolate!  The AMC card gets me giddy for another date night!! Any movie recommendations??

4.  My mom is the hostess with the mostess!
This week my sweeties and I were welcomed to my mom's daycare Winter Party.  She offered the kiddos plenty of cute crafts, yummy eats, and desserts like "Snowball Donuts".  Her birthday is just a few days away and a couple of her daycare parents surprised her with gifts and goodies which turned her Winter Party into an early Birthday Party as well!  One parent brought Frozen cupcakes that were both sweet and perfectly themed!  So "cool"! ;)

5.  Just Us Girls
Jason had to travel out of town for work this week.  It was meant to be just a day trip, but there was a delay so he was stuck there overnight.  I had a choice, be super bummed that I wouldn't be welcoming my Mr. home that night, or just suck it up and make the best of the one on one time with my chickadees.  I chose #2! (Okay, to be honest there was a lit'l bit of #1 before I moved into phase (#) 2 ...but eventually I got over it, knowing my Lovey would return the following day!)

While he was slumming it ;)...
Wish I could've joined him there!

The girlies and I had a "scream" of a time watching Monsters University, and even eat like college students too! ;)

Special thanks to my awesome dad for picking up and delivering the pizzas, and to both of my parents for their generosity in treating us to the yumminess!!

The movie took me back to our PhotoPass session at Hollywood studios during our last Disney vaca...

It has been such a fabulous week here!  Hope yours has been too, if not, remember....

Join me in the adventures to come!
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  1. Oh, those Olaf cupcakes look fantastic!! I keep seeing the Paddington reviews and it looks so cute :) Have a great weekend!

  2. We can't wait to see Paddington! We have to wait for all our group to get together..ahhhh. Love those cupcakes, How cute!! I ADORE everything Disney and I feel the same looking back at all our Photopass pictures from our Disney trip!! I can't wait to go back!!!!

  3. Paddington looks like a good movie to go see. I still look at all of our pictures from our Disneyworld trip and even though it was many years ago, it still brings back memories. Have a great weekend Brenda!

  4. Nice haul! And I love that the wallet has those different slots for coupons and receipts! My niece had those cupcakes with Frozen rings of her bday and I still have my Olaf ring. lol

  5. Amazing post, it's so positive! The Frozen cupcakes look so cute :) We watchet Paddington with some friend and really enjoy it, great movie.

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  6. My word you've been busy!
    Totally jealous of that theater!!! What???! Those seats are insane. We got some movie money for Christmas for um fandango, but the only theater nearby that takes fandango cards is the one in the town over, which we hadn't been to before. Worst seats ever. My neck was sore the next day. Who wants low backs at a movie? How can you rest your head back like that? It was a nice theater until they went with lame seats. I think we saw the newest Hunger Games and we loved it, so silver lining. Not sure we'll be going back though. I'll go to your theater!
    Anything that involves hanging out in jams without running after a two year old or constantly telling said two year old to stop acting like a monkey sounds amazing. I'm looking forward to sleepovers when she is older haha.
    Love that wallet too! And, I liked Monsters University too. Even better with pizza.

  7. Movie night sounds like so much fun! And I so want to join for the girls night out :)

    What a sweet thing for you're mama to do!


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