Friday, July 25, 2014

Five Loves on Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!  This week has been filled with family, friends, and fun!  Here's a lit'l summary of the sweetness (in chronological order :))...

1.  Our neighbors threw a super fun birthday party last weekend.  As you can probably guess from the ginormous bouncy castle, my girlies had an amazing time celebrating with friends which made my heart oh so happy!

2.  What's better than watching a beautifully done adaptation of a Jane Austen book?  Enjoying it with your daughter!  Princess and I loved watching BBC's 4 part mini-series of Emma together this week!!  You can check out their fabulous version on Hulu or via (my Amazon affiliate link) HERE .

3.  My mother-in-law (with my adorable lit'l nephew in tow) picked up the girls this week for a sleepover that included play time with cousins, watching an old home video of their daddy acting in a play, and a shopping spree at Justice!  How fun is that?!  I wasn't there though, so why'd this make the list?  Two reasons: When my girls are happy their mommy's heart is full & their time with Grandma and Grandpa led to...

4.  Two dinner dates with my man in one week!!  Tuesday night Jason and I had a fiesta for two!  Getting out of the house and working our way through loaded nachos and great conversation was wonderful!  Wednesday evening we took some Firehouse Subs (YUM!) to the lake.  A beautiful view, mouthwatering sammies, and even better company, made for one of my favorite hours of the week!  

5.  Last night my oldest nephew came to stay with us.  The kids had such a great time!  They swam, had a pizza/movie party, played some air hockey and games of all they created some new memories that will be cherished always!  Hooray for family fun!

Thanks for visiting today, friends!  Have a terrific weekend!

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  1. Your lakeside date night sounds perfect, Brenda! Food somehow always tastes better outdoors, doesn't it? :) And I love that your girls got to watch an old video of Jason acting in a play...I have plenty of similar videos scattered throughout my parents' house, and it's fun to think that future family members may get a kick out of them someday! Happy weekend!!

  2. Aww I'm so glad you had TWO date nights! And we LOVE Firehouse Subs. It's one of our go-to sandwich places! That's fun that your daughters have cousins to play with. That's part of the reason we want to move closer to my family!! We want our future kids to have that too :)

  3. Is it wrong that I totally want that castle bounce house for myself? Haha! Glad that you got two date nights with the man! That is awesome! Have a great weekend with your fam! xo

  4. Two date nights in one week! Life doesn't get much better than that! :)

  5. YAY for TWO dates!!!! Such awesome quality time. Love your love for your family !!!! xx

  6. Yay for dinner dates! That princess castle bounce house looks awesome!!!

  7. That bouncy castle looks like a lot of fun. I enjoyed my last time in a bouncy house waaay back in elementary school. Your menu from Firehouse subs made my mouth water again. Time spent with my cousins growing up was so much fun. I am glad the girls had a blast with their cousins. I still have my air hockey table. It doesn't get used much now, just for storage space. I hope you and your beautiful family have a wonderful weekend.

  8. A bouncy castle! That always makes for a fun party!
    Jane Austen is my favourite author, and if you liked that Emma you should check out the Sense and Sensibility. Thew newer bbc one. It is spectacular! And I love that Emma.
    Grandparent time that leads to date nights is the best! So needed and awesome to get those. esp two! mmm firehouse haha...and nachos! I'll take those meals too!

  9. I adore your Friday favs! Hope ya'll had a great weekend and are having a fab week as well! Thinking about ya! oxox


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