Friday, July 11, 2014

Five Loves on Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope you're all enjoying a fabulous July!!  We sure have been and I'm so excited to take a moment to share a bit of it with you now!

1.  A Zoorific Day!
(This one is actually from last week as I didn't post on the 4th of July.  It was such a fantastic day that its memory carries over as a "love" this week.  Such fun must be documented! ;))

My parents purchased a "Grandparents Zoo Pass" this year.  During their vacation week from their jobs they sweetly treated the girls and I to wild time at our incredible local zoo! 
Little One wore a lovely live butterfly as a gorgeous accessory, we giggled while passing over rhinos and monkeys on the skyfari, and many beautiful memories were created!  Thanks again for the fun day together, Mom & Dad!

I marvel at the creativity and awesomeness of our Creator!

2.  Independence Day 2014
Jason surprised us taking a 4-day weekend for the 4th of July!  We soaked up every lit'l bit of that spectacular family time!!!  Here are a few snapshots of the fun and festive Independence Day that kicked off our fab long weekend together ... 

We began the day with homemade patriotic pancakes and ended it with sparklers and s'more covered smiles!  Every detail of the day made my heart smile! 

3.  {Post} Independence Day Fun & Hydrant Party!
Tuesday my mom hosted an Independence Day party for her daycare.  She also extended invites to my niece and nephew, the girls and I, and a few kiddos she babysat in previous years.  We all enjoyed catching up over a yummy lunch and festive desserts, then headed to a hydrant party that local firefighters hosted in our area.  It was a fun day for all!

4.   Game Time!
This week I broke out my ATARI to share some old school gaming goodness with my lit'l gamer girls!! SO. Much. FUN!

Each Sunday afternoon my family gathers around our Mac to check out how Jason has creatively put together more of our favorite Disney memories to share on his YouTube channel.  I especially enjoyed this week's vid!!  I hope you have/will too!

 It's hard to believe that after a few more videos he'll have completely documented our September/October trip.  Be sure to subscribe to see what he'll share next! ;)

Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to visit!  Have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. I'm loving all of the festive food, especially the patriotic pancakes - such a cute way to celebrate! Looking forward to seeing your Disney chronicles...that sounds like a very special way to commemorate your trip!

  2. Love that flag-themed snack tray! How clever! So glad you had a lovely weekend with your sweet family.

  3. That chips + cheese plate!!!! Perfection. What a fun and fabulous celebration! Everyone looks so precious in their red, white, and blue! xx

  4. A hydrant party?!?! That's AWESOME!!! I also looove that red, white, & blue cheese and chip platter - what a great idea!! Happy weekend!

  5. You guys seem to had lots of fun during the 4th of July long weekend! All that food makes me hungry right now! Playing Atari with your daughters? Best idea ever!! Have an amazing weekend! :)

  6. ahhh the zoo pics and the FOOD pics are fabulous!! Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend as well!! xoxo

  7. What a fun zoo! I love our tiny zoo but it is nice to go see some crazy animals too. We had an aye-aye at the Denver zoo and it was my favourite, nocturnal primate. I could sit in that little dark room for half an hour just watching him.
    I love your patriotic pancakes! We got some sparklers to play with but they were a total dud, since when have sparklers been so lame? My memory of them is much better, I want some high end awesome sparklers! That and we couldn't find a lighter so we had to light them on the stove, ha.
    That hydrant party is awesome! I love your eldest's swim suit, the black and white is lovely on her.
    haha, oh man an Atari! niiiice. I never played with one, my first was the Nintendo 6something. Yoshi was my jam. I love the classic games, I really loved when they came out with that mario that wasn't 3d, there are few things I suck more at than 3d games.
    Love your Dis vids! Aria and I are still keeping up with em!

    you should link up with September Farm too for her new fri link up that is taking the place of the 5 on fri break,

  8. Such cool stuff at that zoo!!! Your girls look happy! :) That cheese, pepperoni and chips platter is so creative! I love it!! Oh my gosh your summer sounds amazing. You're getting to do such fun stuff!!!

  9. All of the food looks wonderful especially the cheese and the patriotic pancakes. The hydrant party looks like so much fun and what an awesome way to cool off. I never owned an ATARI but my friends would let me play. I was only halfway decent at Pac Man. I stunk at the others. I still have a battery powered Pac Man and Donkey Kong. I hope that yall have an Awesome weekend.

  10. Love the chips/cheese/salami (pepperoni?) plate! I would have gobbled that up. lol And the Atari! How did the girls like it? Was it too high-tech for them? LOL I used to love playing Donkey Kong & Bezerk & Frogger. lol Oh, the good 'ol days. Glad you guys are having a great summer! Miss ya!

  11. looks such a fun 4th and awesome festive snacks!! I love the zoo photos! It's so much more fun with kiddos!

  12. Love the Zoo! The boys are going to our's on Friday with the Boys and Girls Club.

    How special to have him home for the 4 day weekend! LOVE all the family shots and I so have to make that flag design!


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