Friday, May 16, 2014

Five Loves on Friday

Happy Friday! (aka:  Five Loves Day!)  

1.  Floral Perfection
Little One's taekwondo school provided carnations for the students to gift to their moms.  I saw the colorful selection at the front of the mat and wondered which she'd choose.  Would it be yellow as that's her favorite color, or would she choose pink as it's mine.  Wide-eyed with a huge grin and one hand behind her back she approached with a beautiful surprise!! She said this one was PERFECT as it was BOTH of our favorite colors!  

2.  {First & Second} Breakfast in Bed and Oodles of Family Fun!

On Mother's Day morning Little One told her daddy that she'd really like to prepare me breakfast in bed.  He told her that he planned to go pick up my morning faves, but that she could make a lit'l something to bring me (while he snuck off to Taco Bell).  My first breakfast was lovingly created from carrots, pretzel rings, sour cream and onion chips, and a grape.  Wasn't her presentation adorable?  

I'm glad you asked Pippin!  For second breakfast my Lovey surprised me with an A.M. Bacon Crunchwrap and Cinnabon Delights.  What a sweet Mmmorning!!

The greatest gifts of all on Mother's Day and every day are my two beautiful daughters...

I adore my sweeties and praise God continually for entrusting their care to their daddy and I!

The holiday was filled with many hugs, cute handmade cards that I'll forever cherish, and even a live action Mother's Day (Nintendo DSi) flip note that Princess created especially for me.  So much sweetness!  What I'll remember most was the way our evening was spent.  Our area was under a Tornado Warning, Severe Thunderstorm Warning, and a Flash Flood Warning.  I praise God that He enables those who trust in Him to rest in His Sovereignty!  The tornado sirens and weather updates we had on the tv didn't phase our family fun.  We spent the evening taking shelter together in our basement with delicious celebratory snacks playing through a stack of our favorite Disney games!  It was such a fantastic night in with the three people I adore most in the world!  I hope you all enjoyed a Mother's Day that was just as terrific!

PS:  There wasn't any major damage done by the storm.  There were some power outages, down trees, and I saw a snapshot of a trampoline that ended up on its owner's neighbor's roof.  I'm sure they'll get it down before the jump on it again.  That's just not safe. ;)  It could have been much worse.  I'm so thankful that everyone in the area remained safe!

3.  Disney Goodness from my BBF {Best Bloggy Friend} Chrissy!
Checking the mailbox and finding an unexpected {DISNEY} surprise from a dear friend is pretty much the best thing ever!   My bloggy bestie is a Disneyland annual pass holder and sent me some magical goodies this week just because she's awesome like that!!
Thanks again, Chrissy! You're the best!

4.  Family Cookout Fun
My Aunt Ednah hosted a family cookout last weekend.  I don't know a better way to spend a couple hours with family this time of year than with a burger in hand while soaking up some sunshine and fresh air! 

Did you visit my friend Courtney's blog Sweet Turtle Soup this week?  She sweetly invited me for a fun Q&A session on Monday!  If you haven't checked it out yet, I'd love it if you stopped by my guest post.  While there you can also read about the fun Courtney and her cute lit'l family enjoyed at WDW last weekend in her Five on Friday:  Disney World, Cinnamon Rolls, and Mice post!

Thanks for visiting today, friends!  Have a terrific weekend! 

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  1. You are one blessed and sweet mama!!! I always love reading how sweetly you talk about your kiddos! xx

  2. I adore you and your family! I must say that the breakfast she prepared is pretty dang fabulous haha love her enthusiasm (little chef in the making with that presentation) My husband is also lovin; the taco bell breakfast selections! Also, don't you just love snail-mail in ANY form? Hope you all have a great weekend! xoxo

  3. Your flower is sooo pretty! Your daughter made a really good choice! I can hardly wait to eat something cooked on the BBQ, maybe it'll happen during the weekend! Enjoy the weekend! :)

  4. LOVE the two breakfasts, so sweet! And I could practically smell the burgers on the grill! Nothing better! Have a great weekend!

    Mary Martha Mama

  5. What a wonderful mother's day, Brenda!!! I just love the breakfast that your daughter put together for you. AMAZING plate presentation :) I'm impressed! And the flower is so sweet. Your cookout sounds delicious! Yay for grilling! Heading over to read the guest post now :)

  6. Your daughter is so so so cute picking that flower! Kids are amazing! I'm so glad you had such a fab Mother's Day! PS That breakfast looks DELISH!

  7. It sounds like you had a fabulous Mother's Day! How sweet is your little one with her breakfast surprise?! Love it!
    And for her to be so insightful with the Carnation she brought you. What a doll!
    I love BBQ on a charcoal grill! It's the best!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. I'm glad you're ok! What a sweet (and beautifully arranged) first breakfast. =) Precious!

    Happy Friday!

  9. Two breakfasts in bed?! That's so awesome!! You have some sweet girls that's for sure!

  10. Your girls are so sweet… and there is nothing like second breakfast (or second lunch or dinner for that matter)! :)

  11. That flower is beautiful and your post made me SO excited to get to Disney in December!!!!

  12. The carnation and breakfast stories are toooooo adorable - how sweet!!! Hope you have another fantastic weekend with your girls :)

  13. Little one has great taste in picking her flower selection. It is Beautiful. I love the picture of the girls together at DisneyWorld. You can't beat burgers or hot dogs on the grill. Have a great weekend with your beautiful family.

  14. Perfection in a carnation! Sweet that she found just the one to reflect the both of you! What a fun presentation for first breakfast in bed =) And interesting choices for the morning, chips anytime is my fave anyway!
    Game night! I love it! Chris and I looove games, but haven't had much play time since Aria...understandably. Can't wait until she is old enough to join in on the fun. Chris hopes she is as competitive as he is because I am very much not haha. What Disney games do you play? I think we have a Disney trivia game.
    Mail from a friend is the best! Such a rare but awesome surprise nowadays. Much better than bills.
    Sweet of you to include my 5 this week! =) Love that you edited to include it haha.

  15. What a perfect Mother's Day! Minus all those scary warnings. Your daughter making you that awesome little breakfast was too cute! How thoughtful!


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