Friday, April 18, 2014

Five Loves on Good Friday

Good morning, sweet readers and cherished friends!  Thank you for stopping by on Good Friday!  Do you know why it's "good"?  ...

1.  Goodness vs. the Cross

Not sure why Jesus had to die?  What does it have to do with you anyway?  Check this out:

There is nothing that we could do to earn our salvation.  It is a gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.   All our "righteous deeds" are like filthy rags before a holy God.  Through Him alone can we can have redemption!  Christ willingly shed His spotless blood as the only acceptable payment for the FULL debt of our sins.  When we repent and place our trust in Christ, we are forgiven and offered eternal life!  That is the GOOD news of Good Friday!

2.  A Very Merry HALF-Birthday to Little One!
As of yesterday, Little One is OFFICIALLY 9 1/2!  So very exciting for her!  I just can't believe she's getting so close to those double-digits!  Has anyone figured out how to slow down this whole growing up thing? ;)

3.  First Skateboard Ride
Guess whose birthday list now has a skateboard on it?  It's never too soon to begin a wish list when you're 9 ...and a half! ;)

My dad {aka: Grandpa Bob} was there so give her a helping hand. :)

4.   So proud of Princess!
She has been working so hard, both in her studies and in volunteering to help at every opportunity!

Helping her Grandparents with yard work last weekend

As we prep to complete our homeschooling year, she has been scheduling her entire day down to the minute.  I admire her drive to accomplish her goals, and appreciate how self motivated she is in all she does.  I never have to ask her twice (in fact, I rarely have to ask her once) to get to work or help in any way.  I often find her tidying the living room or gathering dirty dishes without any prompting.  She's growing up to be such a fantastic, bright, and responsible young lady!  I couldn't be more proud of her!

5.  Easter Egg Decorating Party!
My parents invited us to color eggs at their house last night.  I love that they have made this a fun annual tradition with my sweeties!  Look at the adorable "mommy" egg made especially for me, with the magical {hidden Mickey} "o"!  These are the lit'l things that melt my heart!!

*Bonus Love* 

I'd like to wish my blogging bestie, Chrissy of Adventures in DIY, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!  I hope you enjoy a fantastic one, dear friend!

Thanks so much for visiting today, lovelies!  Have a beautiful Easter, and remember the true reason for the celebration, He is risen!

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  1. Happy Half Birthday to your daughter! My youngest turned 11 this past week and I too want to slow time down. Your other daughter sound alike a gem. I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Happy half birthday to your Little One!!!! :) How fun! I love the Easter eggs! I dyed some this week too :-p My white crayon trick didn't work out as well though :( Not sure why!

    You know what I'm loving today?! Everyone's blog is covered with Jesus!!! Almost every one I've read is about Jesus' sacrifice for us and it makes me SO happy to see so many people celebrating! Praise God!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Brenda!!!

  3. Happy half birthday to your little one!!! I love those Easter eggs you made - we need to do that this weekend!!

  4. I love your love for your littles! Happy 1/2 Birthday!! :) Also, I so want to join for the egg decorating! Happy weekend! xoxo

  5. Happy Half Birthday to your littlest! You guys homeschool? Looove the hidden mickey egg, haha too cute!

  6. Happy Half Birthday to your little one! Happy Easter to you and your family! Have a great weekend!

  7. Happy half birthday! Love the pics of your daughters! What sweet girls!

  8. Happy half birthday! Those eggs look so pretty! I can't wait to dye some with my sisters this weekend! I hope your family has the happiest Easter!

    Caitlin C

  9. Happy half birthday to your little one! I love having annual traditions, something fun to look forward to each year. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  10. Another great week in the Platt household! Happy half birthday to Little One! And what an awesome young woman Princess is becoming. :) Too bad I don't live closer or she could help me out with my yard work. haha
    AND THANK YOU for the birthday wishes!! We had a great time...check your email for some pictures. :)


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