Friday, April 11, 2014

Five Loves on Friday!

Hey, Friday!

...You totally read that in Joey Tribbiani's voice, didn't you? ;)

Friends, it has been a scrumptious week!  I'm excited to share some of the sweet memories made, and a few simple snack recipes too!  Let's get right to it!

1.  Biking with Bears
How cute is the contraption Little One rigged up to take her bear-y good friends for a ride?  My sweet girls have been over the moon that the weather is finally allowing for them to enjoy OUTdoor fun!

2.  My culinary cutie has skills!

Yumminess Your KIDS Can Make!  Cutie Kabobs:  purple grape, banana, strawberry, green grape, repeat 

Little One loves putting her creativity to work in the kitchen.  Yesterday she asked if she could make us a snack and dessert from fruits and veggies we had.  How could I turn down that offer? ;)  Her explanation of the kabobs was every bit as sweet as the treat itself!  She told me, "The reason I like these kabobs is because they are sweet, but they are good for you!  Usually when people think of sweets they think of things like ice cream, but these are sweet and so good and good for you!"  {Insert proud mommy smiles here!}  She placed pieces of lettuce on top of baby carrots to make them look like "real carrots" (stems and all), but this was just for cute presentation.  The proper way to eat this snack was to wrap the carrot in the lettuce.  I may need to give her a little cook nook here on the blog.  She's constantly creating fun snacks that kids can make on their own.  Think I should pass along the blogging torch to her?

3.  Brinner!
This week my parents invited us for dinner and my mom made such a scrumptious spread of all things breakfast for dinner!  A creamy crockpot hashbrown casserole, Sunny Breakfast Bake, and a strawberry dessert braid - it seriously hit the spot!  Thanks again, Mom! ;) 

4.  First Cookout of the Year!  
My husband grilled up some AMAZING, juicy, bacon cheeseburgers last weekend!  {I'm drooling just remembering how good those were! MmmMmmMmm!}  I L-O-V-E cookout season!!!  I just think everything tastes better on the grill ...well, except maybe ice cream, but you know what I mean!  This is the grilling goodie I think I need to get my hands on A.S.A.P.!  Any other recommendations for grilling must-haves I should add to my Summer Wish List?

5.  Cadbury Spring S'more Mix
I created this yummy mix around this time last year.  It's been on my mind this week, as those oh so delightful Cadbury creme eggs are everywhere now!! 

Click HERE for the recipe + 4 ways to share this adorable, sweet & simple {just 3 ingredients} mix!  

 Click throughpin, enjoy, and share with those sweetest to you! 

Thanks so much for visiting today!  Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Cadbury smore mix...YES PLEASE! Cadbury cream eggs are admittedly my favorite candy. For sure. How sweet are your littles biking with the bear?! Bless! And the healthy fruit kabob snack?! Bless it again! Such sweet memories and moments in the little things. I love that. :)

  2. That's so funny! I definitely did read that in my Joey voice! Hehe! Your kids are so adorable! I love the bear toting contraption! Very cute! I am also a HUGE fan of Brinner! Breakfast is the best meal! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Pamela @

  3. I love the mix in the mason jar!! So adorable.

  4. Hey Brenda! The healthy kids snack your daughter made are so cute and healthy. :) I am so excited cookout season is finally here, those bacon cheeseburgers sound amazing. Have a great weekend!

  5. Adorable photos of your girls riding bikes with their teddy bears! So sweet!

  6. I cannot wait to fire up the grill! I agree-just about everything tastes better grilled.

  7. Yes! I definitely read that in a Joey Tribbiani voice :-p I love the snacks that your girls made. So healthy and delicious!! Breakfast for dinner sounds amazing! You should post your mom's recipe :) And we LOVE grilling season! We love it while tailgating at Texas Rangers games and on our porch when the weather is nice. Our favorite to grill (if you like spicy stuff) is jalapeno sausage! It's amazing! We also like grilling corn, asparagus and any kind of meat. My goal this year is to make an amazing hamburger patty for grilling! Have a great weekend, Brenda!

  8. Biking with the bears is too cute! I must admit bacon cheese burgers are my guilty pleasure, Loovvve them! I'm totally a Carmel Cadbury egg girl! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I love your little one giving her babies a ride! That is so sweet!

  10. I cannot wait for our yard to be done so we can actually enjoy grilling! That corn likes amazing! We've been out enjoying the sun lately and my sweet 3 year old decided she needs a scooter can't wait to see her outside on it! Happy Friday!!

  11. oh man that mix looks so cute!

    I love grilling, esp because it means i don't have to do the cooking!

    That little one of yours is sure creative. Both with the bear biking and snack presentation =)

  12. So jealous you're already into cookout season!!! Great 5! And your girls are the cutest!!

  13. I'm late to the Friday post but I adore the riding with bears! So reminds me of myself at that age haha (I was all stuffed animals and minimal dolls) Yay to cookouts too and that snore's recipe is really cute! Thanks for sharing and I hope you had a fabulous weekend with the fam!

  14. I so did it in Joey voice :)

    How much fun, love all the yummy creations


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