Friday, February 28, 2014

Five Loves on Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!  Hope you've all enjoyed a fantastic week!  Here are some of my loves since this time last week...

1.  Family Fun!
Last weekend my family gathered in celebration of my parents' February birthdays and in belated celebration of that sweet holiday, Valentine's Day!

The kids love having cousin time!  My parents have always invited all of their grandkids to join them in blowing out birthday candles - so sweet of them to share their wishes! ;)  How cute is the sugar free birthday cake my sister baked and decorated?! Bottom left corner: my girlies gleefully receiving Valentine's Day gifts from my sister and her family, their great Aunt, and my parents.  In the middle you'll see my sister and my nephew, below that her hubby, and to the right - my Jason and Little One.  Check out the "XOXO" wooden photo holder my niece hand painted for me! Love it!  In the bottom right corner: my Aunt Ednah and the individual chocolate cakes she baked - every bit as sweet as she is!

2.  Comfy Disney Cuteness!
I heart my new blogging attire favorite comfy pants!  I was able to combine a 25% off coupon code {it has since expired, or I'd share} with sale prices!  Gotta love a bargain!

Mickey Mouse Lounge Pants  ... These are so soft and comfortable!


Mickey & Minnie Lounge Pants ... Pink + Mickey & Minnie = Pajama Perfection!

3.  Heroes Returns in 2015!
Any other Heroes fans out there?  When I read the news earlier this week that NBC ordered 13 episodes as a miniseries to air next year, I was thrilled!  We were so disappointed in the final season and how they ended things.  I'm hoping that the miniseries will bring it back to it's epic roots and have us on the edge of our seats once again!

4.   Good Mmmorning!
Just the smell of the package in the store sold me before I even took a bite!  What a delicious way to start a day!

5.  Resort Fling | Essie
Peachy, coral goodness? Yes, please!

This shade makes my {longing for SPRING} heart happy! 

Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to visit today!  Wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead! 

Did you know that tomorrow is Platypus Day?  Looking for a way to celebrate the occasion?  Check out this craft we made last year in honor of Perry's "Special Day"!

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  1. That Essie nail polish color is sooo gorgeous! Can't wait for spring! Have a nice weekend! :)

  2. Hey Brenda! Oh my gosh those bagels look amazing! I bet they smell so great as they are toasting, too! Mmmm! I'm going to have to try those! Have a wonderful weekend! Pamela @

  3. Oh how time! The best and most blessed time!!! :)
    Loving that Essie color too. I was planning a trip to Ulta today to pick up some lipstick...might have to grab a nail polish too! ;)

  4. Those cinnamon bagels sound delish and I love that essie color!

  5. Our family LOVES cousin time too. It's just the best thing in the whole world in our opinion :)!!! Xx.

  6. As always sun fun times at your house!

    LOVE the pj's!

  7. I think I need to pick up that nail color asap! What a great color for spring.

  8. Hold the phone on those bagels! Oh my goodness...I'm going to have to get some of those ASAP! And you gotta love some good family time AND some fabulously comfy pants, right?! Have a lovely weekend my dear! And a very happy Friday! xo

  9. Cinnabon bagels??!!! YES PLEASE! :) :) So yummy!

  10. I for one really disliked Heroes, but my husband is very excited about this miniseries. Hopefully it hits the spot for Heroes fans. I'd be happy if they brought back Firefly personally.
    I can almost smell those bagels. I never see cinnamon bagels without raisins and raisins do not belong in bread as far as I am concerned. I hope I see these at my store!
    I love Essie, and hate them because I want them all! And, Target of course has its end aisle facing display to taunt me on the way out of the store. What a pretty colour - I have a spring purple and green sooo coral/peach is kind of needed, right? Basic necessity type purchase.

  11. OMG Those cinnabon bagels! I must have them NOW! So glad you had a great family funday/valentines day celebration - what a clever idea!

  12. What a great group of five things! It looks like y'all had lots of fun celebrating birthdays and Valentines day. Those bagels look absolutely delicious, bagels are my weakness!

  13. That nail polish color looks great! And I can only imagine how good those bagels smell....yum!

  14. Loving the family Valentines fun! And thank you, I am not sure I needed to know those bagels exist :)

  15. Oooohhh that Essie polish is perfect for spring - love it!!! Happy Saturday :)

  16. Mmmm! I will be on the hunt for those bagels at my grocery store!! Happy Saturday!


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