Friday, February 7, 2014

Five Loves on Friday!

Happy Friday, lovelies!  Five Loves time!

1.  Eat, Sleep, Dis, Repeat!
Did you catch my big announcement on Tuesday?  I'm absolutely giddy over this, friends!  Now you can go beyond my {Trip Report Tuesday} photos and join my family in action - on thrill rides & down water slides, hear the sounds of Disney, and see the magic through our eyes wide with wonder all via my husband's NEW Disney YouTube channel!

He plans to create a video for each of the 17 days of our recent Disney World vacation!  Day 1 and 2 are up now.  I hope you'll stop by and subscribe for the magic to come!

2.  Celebrate Good Times!
Last weekend we enjoyed a belated Christmas get together with some of our oldest & dearest friends!  We met at Qdoba...

... then went back to their place for sweet treats and even sweeter conversation! 

Left to Right:  Our sweet lit'l friend, E, opening her Christmas gift from us, my girlies opening the gifts thoughtfully & generously given to them, Princess enjoying some Oreo Pie {Mmm!}, E loving on her new aromatherapy stuffed puppy, E + Little One = Smiley Sweethearts!, Princess & Jessie {They were babies together - okay, baby & puppy together ;)},  Loving her time with her fave boxer! :)

It was such a fun night!

3.  More Bath & Body Works Goodness!
You may remember me sharing a 75% off B&BW Haul recently.  I returned one more time before their semi-annual sale wrapped up!  This was their LAST Pear candle ...or else I totally would've bought one for you too, friend! ;)  Originally $20, marked down to $5, it was a fabulous find!  This and their Market Peach candle are both absolute fruity bliss!  If you see either in your B&BW shop, I highly recommend picking one up!

Sweet Scent Candy!

4.  No Cooking? ...& a Delicious Surprise?  YES, please & thank you!  You know those days when you're super busy and you haven't had a moment to even think about what to make for dinner?  I was having one of those this week, unbeknownst to me my husband had it covered!  How does he know {without me speaking a word...}, when it's the PERFECT day for a yummy surprise like this? *Happy Sigh*  I adore him so!

Do you have a Sam & Louie's Pizza in your area?  If so, you may want to check out their specials!  I know they likely vary by location, but the one in our area offers a buy one pizza, get a second for equal of lesser value FREE special, one night each week!  My hands down fave is their Thai Pie!! {INCREDIBLE, especially with extra peanut sauce - Mmm!}  Their Bacon Cheeseburger is delish too!

5.  Happy, Happy!
Today is the last day of my mom's "Birthday Week", Happy, Happy Birthday, Mom! You're one of my dearest "loves" every week! Love you bunches!!!

Princess and her Grandma Kathy

Friends, you now have an official excuse for a sweet treat!  You're welcome. ;)

Thanks so much for visiting!  Wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead!

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  1. Oh my goodness! This post made me
    hungry! Those tacos and especially that pizza look amazing. Both of which are a complete weakness for me.

    I'm so happy your husband was able to surprise you with dinner. It really is those small things that make marriage so wonderful. They just know and that is pretty perfect!

    Have a blessed weekend!
    Bree @

  2. Happy Birthday week to your Mom! Here's my 5:


  3. Just stopping by from the Friday Favorites Link Party!!! This pizza looks soooo yummy! I could have the whole thing right now!!! :-) Have a fantastic weekend!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom!!! I LOVE B&BW and candles. That pear one sounds fantastic. We tend to have tons of "fall" and "wintery" scents like cinnamon and cranberry orange - I need to find some fruity ones for summer! Happy Friday!!

  5. Did I read correctly...17 days at Disney? Wow, so fun!! Happy Birthday to you mom :) And how yummy does that pizza look!

  6. I’d love it if you’d share this at my link party, going on now!

  7. Hey Brenda! Man, I am jealous! I would love to be at Disney right about now! I hope your Mom had a wonderful birthday! Happy weekend! Pam

  8. That pizza looks delish... my all-time favorite is thai pizza! And I bet that candle smells amazing!

  9. Super neat that your husband started a youtube channel. I've never even though of looking for fun Disney adventures there, and while I generally hate youtube (I think I'm alone in this) I'm definitely going to check this one out!
    Love boxers. Such beautiful dogs. That is where I would be too.

  10. girl…thank you for popping over to my blog! i am terribly jealous you get to do disneyland for 17 days!! when are kids old enough to go? i went when i was four and still remember it. reader! yay!

  11. I can't believe I missed the big Bath and Body works sale! Oh well... That pizza looks amazing!

  12. Happy Birthday to your mom! And I'm going to have to stop by the youtube channel--it's been AGES since I've been to Disney! I'll have to live vicariously through your trip! :)

  13. Best e-card ever! I gorge myself on queso every time we eat Mexican. Nothing wrong with that!

  14. I can't wait to check out your Disney You Tube channel!! Also, sounds like you have a sweet hubby like I do. I really love hearing wives say sweet things about their husbands!! Have a lovely weekend! =)

  15. Sounds like a great week! That pear candle is wonderful...smells so good! Great find!

  16. I am a huge pizza lover and the pizza looks delish!! Ive never tried a Thai pizza so will have to next time! Also love, love B&BW!! I had no idea they were having their sale so will have to go check it out this wknd! Their lotions and candles are the best! Hope you are having a great weekend! :)


  17. Hi there and thanks for stopping by my blog on the link up! That pear candle sounds like a great deal. I picked up several B&BW candles last summer and love their light, delicious smells! Have a great rest of your weekend,


  18. We're obsessed with candles, I'll have to try pear next :)

  19. I always read about bloggers undying love for queso but I've never tried it. I've never even seen it on a menu around here! I like your philosophy on cake eating. :)

  20. Looks like you had a such a fun week!!

  21. Disney! My husband & I spent our honeymoon in Disney World which was both of our first times there. We can't wait to take Cash when he gets a little older!

  22. I have somehow managed to stay away from pizza this year (so far) but this is making me want to get my fix! Pizza is one of my favorite foods and my body loves it so much that it holds on to it right around the mid-section and thighs area! We don't have any Sam and Louie's down in Texas but if I can find a spinach/feta pizza, I'm not too picky where it comes from! That and good ol' fashioned pepperoni are my favorites.

  23. Thanks for stopping by! Your daughters are adorable. That pizza looks amazing too-- combining two of my favorites: Thai food and pizza. Unfortunately, we don't have Sam and Louie's in our area, but I've been on a pizza making kick lately, and this seems like a fun one to try to recreate!


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