Friday, January 31, 2014

Five Loves on Friday!

It's Friday ...SWEET!  Time to wrap up the past week with 5 things that made my heart skip a beat!

1.  I heart DATE NIGHT!
My parents had all four of their grandkids stay overnight, which meant an amazing "cousins slumber party @ Grandma & Grandpa's" for my kiddos and also meant an amazzzing date night for Jason & I!!!

Takeout from our favorite Thai restaurant -- Spring Rolls, Egg Rolls, & Chicken Pad Thai


My new favorite episode of New Girl! What a fun surprise! {I'll admit I cried. ;)}


We sat and talked for a few hours, uninterrupted, hours!  When does that ever happen?  Oh yeah, date night! It was sooo nice to just sit with my favorite man on the planet and talk and listen.  Jason is usually a pretty quiet guy.  He doesn't normally verbalize {in too much detail} the every day happenings of life {because he's a guy! lol} . . . but he shared all that's been going on at work, the stresses in his day to day life, challenges he faces, hopes, plans, everything in between.  It was wonderful!  I am a talker, and being the listener for a change made for a priceless evening that was very precious to me! YAY! Date night!!

2.  He's a Breakfast Ninja!

As I was in the shower the next morning, Jason dashed to Taco Bell, snagging some yumminess! ...a delicious breakfast, no cooking involved?  Yes, please and thank you!  I love my thoughtful hubby!!  PS:  Who knew Taco Bell could be so good?

A.M. Crunchwrap Bacon & Cinnabon Delights 

3.  Girls Night with my Aunt

my girlies with their Great Aunt Ednah

A few weeks ago my aunt texted asking if we could plan a girls night {on an evening when Jason would be away at work}.  Things have been so busy lately {that's life, right?}, but like she said, we all have to eat dinner anyway.  It was really nice to do so together!  We spent a couple hours chatting, eating {pizza that she brought - she rocks!}, and looking at my family's Disney vacation pictures at her request as she hadn't seen any yet ...and I just happen to have 7,683 to share! {That's what happens when a "snap happy" girl spends 17 days @ WDW!}   Thankful to have carved out the time to be together.  These little moments make for big memories in the long run.  

4.  Ahh, happy mama moment!
This week Little One discovered that she LOVES vacuuming!  She even asked if she could have her own vacuum ... hmm, would the cost of a second Dyson be worth never having to vacuum {myself} again? *finger on chin* . . . I think she can just have mine! LOL.

While detailing the couch, "I hope we get crumbs in here again soon so I can do this again!" I adore her . . . and still will when she's old enough to not enjoy vacuuming. ;)

5.  Because Every Day is Better with a GIGGLE.  Just in time for the biggest football weekend of the year ... NFL HILARITY! ;)

Thanks for visiting today, friends!  May your weekend be even more epic than the Super Bowl ....commercials! ;)

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  1. Oh what a wonderful date night!!! I love when that happens - it's so important to just be married and spend quality time together. After reading this, I'm craving some Thai take out and I just want to go home and watch some New Girl! My fingers are crossed that Mason will love vacuuming as much as your little one - what a cutie!

  2. I do love a good date night and I say go ahead and invest in her own vacuum before she changes her mind! haha Happy Weekend!

  3. Those Cinnabon Delights look amazing! I think I may have to make a run to Taco Bell soon!

  4. I love a good date night too! In or out! That cake look delicious!

  5. Oh HEYYY for fun chores! Love that sweet little vacuum-er! ;) And CHEERS to fun date nights! LOVE IT!!! xx

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! Yours is so pretty! I have to say, yay for date nights! I can't wait until my boys are a little older and going for sleep overs is more common. Have a great weekend!

  7. Seems like date night is a theme this week. Enjoy yours! Its always nice to have uninterrupted conversations. Also I had no idea Taco bell has breakfast... It looks so good!! Your family is adorable, thank you for introducing me to your life.

  8. Hey Brenda! I love the New Girl as well and I also admit to crying at the end. It was just too sweet not to! I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the Superbowl!

  9. I'm sorry but that picture at the beginning...oh my gosh, I need chocolate.

  10. Yay for date nights, and God bless grandparents for making it possible! Taco Bell serves breakfast??? What the what?

  11. Tonight's my "catch up on New Girl" night...can't wait! =) did I miss out on knowing Taco Bell serves breakfast?? That looks ah-mazing. Happy Friday!

  12. Can't wait until my little one is old enough to have a love of vacuuming (and I hope we have a dyson by then!).

  13. A date night sounds fabulous! And all the yummy food! I've been enjoying your Disney updates each week as well! We just went there a few weeks ago. :)

  14. Date night? Sounds wonderful...glad you enjoyed it! If your Little One is looking for more vacuum fun send her to my house!

  15. Ha ha I love that video, crossing my fingers that the Broncos win! Also, enjoy your little helper, I wish I had someone around here who enjoyed any form of cleaning, so jealous!

  16. HI Brenda, So nice to meet you here. Yay for date nights!!! I'm glad I found you. Blessings, Amy

  17. Hi Brenda,
    Thanks so much for checking out my Friday Five. I agree, breakfast is better when you don't have to make it! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  18. Yeah love a date night!!

    I have tried I just can't get into that show!

    I think I would be in overload if I had one of those Cinnabon Delights.

  19. Hey I've got a home full of dog hair that needs vacuuming on a daily basis, just in case your little one gets bored of your house.

    Having a few precious hours to reconnect with your significant other is so awesome! So much background noise as soon as the kids start popping out. I can't even imagine sending off mine for sleepovers yet, seems like a far far distant future to me...oh man how fun though!


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