Monday, September 16, 2013

DISNEY Vacation & Bloggy Hiatus Announcement!

Happy Magical Monday, friends, and farewell for a bit!  It's been really busy here as we're getting back into the groove of another homeschooling year, and prepping for our next trip to WALT DISNEY WORLD this fall! YAY! :D 

Of course I have to step away from Chatting Over Chocolate now and then to spend some quality time with Mickey and Minnie my family at our favorite place on Earth! I plan to bring back oodles of "digital postcards", reviews, and Disney goodness galore for you, my sweet readers and fellow magic junkies!  I'll begin publishing fresh new Magical Monday posts again sometime in mid-late October.  I'll have SO MUCH MAGIC to share with you all!

Until then ...

°o° ~ Around the World at Epcot!

Click the link above to view a music video that my husband created capturing the FUN we enjoyed as we sipped, snacked & explored Epcot during our last ("just the 2 of us") trip to Walt Disney World!
*I would normally embed the video in this post, but was having some technical difficulties with Vimeo.  I hope those of you who take the time to click through and watch it there will enjoy! :)

If that vid looked familiar to you, THANKS for being such a loyal reader! I did share this video once before, in my very 1st Magical Monday post, 33 weeks ago today!

If you don't wanna miss the videos we plan to create during our upcoming trip, be sure to follow Chatting Over Chocolate on FacebookBloglovin'PinterestGoogle Friend Connect, or have each new post delivered directly to your inbox!  *To join via GFC or subscribe via email see left sidebar of blog ;)

Now it's time to say goodbye, to all our company, 
M-I-C, See ya real soon next month!  
K-E-Y? Why? Because we like you!
M - O - U - S - E


  1. I enjoyed watching this video again - made me want to shake my booty. lol I can't wait to see what Jason comes up with for the next video! :)

  2. Have fun sweetie! I can't wait to see what is to come.


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