Monday, August 19, 2013

Magical Monday #29: Disney Cartoons Were Much Different Eighty Years Ago!

Eighty years ago today Disney released the Silly Symphony short, Lullaby Land.  


The baby in this short encounters all sorts of dangers!  I think it's likely the only Disney cartoon where you'll see a baby playing with matches. (No joke!)  All's well that ends well though, the Sandmand drops sand in his eyes and he can't resist sleeping.  

I dare you to try to watch this short without yawning.  I yawned a few times!  For the sake of full disclosure, I'm actually yawning right now as I type about yawning.  I didn't even notice sand being thrown at me. Sneaky Sandman! ;)

What I love most about old cartoons are the soft colors and the old fashioned singing.  They definitely don't make them like this any more!  

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  1. I hadn't seen the one before, yet again you bring me something new!


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