Monday, June 10, 2013

Magical Monday #19: Surprise DISNEY Care Package!

I received the BEST surprise last week!  I can't wait to tell you all about it, friends! . . . 

When I started Chatting Over Chocolate I thought it'd be a fun creative outlet and a nice little hobby.  It truly is, but something I enjoy even more about blogging, I didn't expect at all when I created this lit'l corner of the blogosphere.  Am I talking about making money? No, it's even better!  I'm referring to the awesome friendships that I've formed with other bloggers! ;) 

About four months ago, I commented on a post at Adventures in DIY after coming across a link at a link party.  Chrissy (the blogger behind Adventures in DIY) and I  got to chatting via email and became fast friends! She soon held the official title, "My BBF" (*Best Bloggy Friend). We email nearly daily with our conversations almost always finding their way back to our mutual OBSESSION over love for all things DISNEY!

When a surprise package arrived at my house last week with her name on the return address label, I had a good idea it would have some very magical contents!  I was actually SO EXCITED to receive it I could barely open it!  It felt like my birthday, only BETTER because it was completely unexpected!  The card inside read:

Seriously, how AMAZING is my BBF?!  I emailed her immediately telling her she made it feel like Christmas at our house! Little One saw what I had typed and said, "Mommy, she made it feel even better than Christmas!  She made it feel like we are at Disneyland or Disney World!"  We were ALL extremely surprised and thrilled!

If you'd like to make a Disney fan's day (month, or year ;))  follow Chrissy's incredible example of thoughtfulness and create a magically themed Disney care package! 

THANKS again, Chrissy!  Every bit of this AMAZING package will be enjoyed and fondly remembered for years to come! 

Have you "met" my friend, Chrissy?  She LOVES Disney every bit as much as I do!  If you're a fan of my Magical Monday posts, here are some posts from her blog, Adventures in DIY, that you'll enjoy!:  

I can hardly wait to enjoy the popcorn she sent us with the coconut oil!  For more about Popcorn, Disneyland style, check out her post:

Visit my DISNEY! page for magical crafts, recipes, and Disney goodness galore!

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  1. Ahhhh! She is so sweet and thoughtful!! What a fun surprise! :)

  2. This STILL brings a HUGE SMILE to my face knowing how much you enjoy your surprise. I had fun putting it together. Love you guys!!

  3. Oh hun she is just the sweetest thing ever!! What a great surprise and so thoughtful!


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